August 16, 2019

EP 59 - Jimmy Gnecco

On today's episode, I am freaking stoked to welcome the incredibly talented singer/songwriter and lead singer of the alt-rock band OURS, Jimmy Gnecco to The Spiritual Spiral Podcast. I first heard about Jimmy almost seventeen years ago when a friend of mine gave me a copy of his first record called Distorted Lullabies. From his soaring vocal range that can truly take your breath away to the powerful songwriting and lyrics, that record became one of my favorites. He is without a doubt, one of the best rock male vocalists of all time and I was so grateful he took the time to talk with me. Jimmy has close to two hundred songs he is in the midst of recording and so we talk about his creative process, his latest record New Age Heroine and when we can expect a new album from the band. We talk about his experience having a record deal with Dreamworks in the late 90's, what drew him to work with legendary producer Rick Rubin on his third record and ultimately why Jimmy felt it was best to move forward as an independent artist. We also hear his take on social media and the dramatic impact it's having on the creative culture as well as the current music scene. Jimmy and his band have four shows scheduled at the end of the year in New York, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles so be sure to check him out live. You can purchase tickets by clicking here and definitely head on over to iTunes and listen to his incredible catalog of music. As always, thanks so much for listening to the show and if you feel inspired, please head on over to iTunes and write a review or you can support the podcast by visiting my Patreon page. Thanks so much for listening. 

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