August 22, 2019

EP 60 - Derek Beres

Today on the Spiritual Spiral Podcast, I am thrilled to welcome the multi talented Derek Beres to the show. When it comes to introducing Derek, I don't even know where to begin because he has his hands on so many different creative pursuits and projects. First and foremost, Derek is a writer and he has already written nine books all of which can be found on Amazon and his latest book Whole Motion investigates the importance of training your brain just as much as training your body. He is a columnist for the Big Think where he writes about health, neuroscience, religion and social issues. He has a lifelong passion for music and as a DJ, he regularly curates new mixes and music that can be found on Spotify and Soundcloud. He has also been a yoga teacher at Equinox since 2004 where he co-created Flow Play, a program that fuses music, yoga and neuroscience and he even hosts his own podcast called The EarthRise Podcast. I could have talked to Derek for at least a few more hours but in our limited time together, we manage to talk about CBD, psychedelics, social media, the impact of technology and all the potential distractions in our lives. We talk about the importance of reading and having down time, we share thoughts on the yoga culture and we discuss his passion for health and fitness. Be sure to follow Derek on Instagram where he loves to post cat photos and definitely take his class over at Equinox and be sure to read his articles and stories on The Big Think. If you dig the show and you feel inspired, head on over to iTunes and write a quick review or share the show with friends. You can support my show by visiting my Patreon page and as always, thanks so much for listening to the show. 

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