August 30, 2019

EP 63 - Calvin Corzine (Emergency Pod)

Los Angeles based yoga teacher and my friend Calvin Corzine joins me for a special yoga edition "Emergency Podcast." A couple months ago, Calvin came up with the idea of posting "tub talks" where he shares his views or poses questions about various topics surrounding the yoga community. In his latest post, he asks his followers if "pretty pictures" inspire or ultimately make people feel jealous or bad about themselves. We talk about his intention behind the videos and if bringing more comments and dialogue onto a social media platform is a good or bad idea. We also discuss Alexa Terrazas, the young woman who fell off of her balcony while posing for Instagram doing an extreme yoga posture. Be sure to follow Cal on IG @calvmonster and if you feel inspired, head on over to iTunes and write a quick review for the show. Thanks so much for listening! 

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