September 3, 2019

EP 64 - Sean Cowhig

Actor, writer, producer and all around wacky cool guy, Sean Cowhig joins me on the Spiritual Spiral Podcast. Originally from Boston, Sean moved out to Los Angeles to not only pursue an acting career, but to "become famous." He shares stories about his early days as an actor and why he had to choose between playing basketball and performing in a play. He talks about his love/hate relationship with alcohol and about eighteen months ago, why he decided he should probably stop drinking. He talks about IO West and Improv classes, the importance of Improv as an actor and if Improv can actually be taught. He also shares insight regarding the impact of social media on his life and why it can be disheartening when casting agents care more about "followers" than actual craft. Sean is one of the founding members of the comedy group Dr. God. and was one of the writers for their first feature BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, in which he also plays the Janitor. You can follow Sean on Youporn at.... Just kidding... Follow Sean on IG @seancowhig. If you enjoy the show, please share it with friends or head on over to iTunes and write a review. You can also support the podcast by visiting my Patreon page and as always, thanks so much for listening to the show. 


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