September 8, 2019

EP 66 - IG’s Invasion, Living Two Lives and Storytelling

Today on The Spiritual Spiral Podcast, I continue discussing the disruption of core values at home and why I believe so much of the chaos in the world stems from Instagram and tech invading people's homes. I talk about my curiosity with the TV show Euphoria and why I believe it brilliantly captures the concept of people living "two lives." I also talk about how Instagram wants its users to believe a "story" is a fifteen second oftentimes meaningless snapshot of someone's day to day life. Instagram has watered down a "story" into drivel which is why I think it's more important than ever to share and tell actual stories that inspire deeper thought and imagination. Next up on the show, I have a powerful conversation with Adam Mesnick, owner of Deli Board SF which should hit all podcast sites later on this week. As always, if you enjoy the show, please head on over to iTunes and write a quick review or you can support the podcast directly by visiting my Patreon page. Thanks so much for listening. 

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