September 9, 2019

EP 67 - Adam Mesnick

I am thrilled to welcome the Owner of Deli Board SF, Adam Mesnick to The Spiritual Spiral Podcast. Adam is probably best known as the chef and creator of the highly recognized restaurant, Deli Board SF, which serves huge over the top and absolutely delicious sandwiches in the SOMA District of San Francisco. After graduating from college, Adam entered the mortgage banking industry but after the financial crises, Adam left the finance industry to follow his dream of owning a restaurant. His restaurant has been consistently ranked as one of the top eateries in all of San Francisco and he's been featured in Thrillist, Eater SF, SF Travel and Hoodline. Adam also created BETTER SOMA, a community outreach program aimed at helping addicts and draw more awareness to the drug crises in his neighborhood. Adam was getting tired of the neglect from the city towards the homelessness and rampant drug use in his neighborhood so he started posting graphic images on his Twitter handle hoping for change and to draw attention to the problem. He eventually drew the attention of former mayor Ed Lee and was even featured on CNN where he talks about the opioid and homelessness crisis in the SOMA District. He and I talk about social media, technology, his passion for food and the day to day grind of owning a restaurant. We also talk about the drug crises and "war zone" he sees in his neighborhood each and every day as he walks to and from work. Be sure to follow Adam on Instagram @DeliBoardSF and if you dig the show, please share it with friends or head on over to iTunes and write a quick review. You can also support the podcast directly by visiting my Patron Page. As always, thanks so much for listening and supporting the show.  

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