July 18, 2021

Matt Dery (Visit #4)

Today on the Spiritual Spiral, I am thrilled to welcome my good friend, Matt Dery, back to the show. While Matt currently works for Financial Architects Inc., Matt has worked in the sports and broadcasting industry for over twenty years and hosts weekly podcasts for the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions. Matt and I begin the show by talking about this year's NBA Finals and why it may be a tough sell for the casual fan. We talk about Chris Paul, Richard Sherman, and how our culture has become too quick to react without getting the full story. Matt and I talk about the uphill battle of equality in America and the difference between being a sportscaster and an entertainer. Matt and I also share personal stories about the omnipresence of anxiety we both feel as we try to navigate through this post-pandemic world. You can find Matt on Twitter @DerySpeaks and if you enjoy today's episode and you want to support the show, please subscribe on iTUNES. Consider sharing the show with your friends which is also a huge help or head over to iTunes and write a quick review. You can also support the show by becoming a subscriber at www.patreon.com/eddiecohn where you can access full episodes and exclusive content only available to subscribers. You can also visit my website www.iameddiecohn.com and sign up for my email list and newsletter. I also released another brand new song on Bandcamp which you can purchase by clicking HERE. You can find me on Substack by clicking HERE and as always, thanks so much for listening and supporting the show. Please reach out on Twitter or IG @eddiecohn with any questions. 

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